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What’s Happening on the Pecan Farm

  • Inspecting, prepping, and repairing harvest equipment.
  • Spraying and monitoring for pests.
  • Reducing stress on the trees as much as possible.

The pecans are still developing, so we still need to keep the trees as stress-free as possible. By mid-August, the pecans should be growing through the kernel-filling stage. That means the nuts will achieve their full size, and the shells will begin to harden.

We’ll also be continuing to monitor for pests. This month, the pests we’ll be focusing on are shuckworm and stink bugs. As more and more nearby corn crops are harvested, stink bugs evacuate the corn and settle into our orchard. Both of these pests cause trouble by penetrating the soft “shuck” (green, fleshy covering) and damaging the developing kernel before the shell fully hardens.

In addition to nurturing the orchard, we’ll be doing some “housekeeping” in the shop and processing plant. That means we pull out all the harvest equipment and inspect it from top to bottom, front to back. We also inspect the processing plant to make sure everything is ready for the fast-approaching harvest season. If we find any major issues now, we have the months of August and September to deal with maintenance and repairs before harvest season starts.

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