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In the Pecan Orchard: April 2014

What’s Happening on the Farm

We usually see new growth emerging by the end of March, but budbreak seems to be a little delayed this year. As always when dealing with nature, you never know for certain what to expect.

However, a few of the trees are starting to show tiny emerging catkins. That’s good. Observing the catkins and flowers can help you get an idea of the new crop. The amount of catkins you see on your pecan trees is a strong predictor of how many pecan clusters may develop over the summer.

Right now we’re preparing the irrigation system for the Growing Season by making repairs and flushing irrigation lines. That means we’re cleaning the lines by opening flush valves that push out debris and sediment that has settled over the winter months. When the pecans start budding and the foliage starts growing, it’s time to start watering again. It’ll also be time to bring out the foliar sprayers for things like zinc and micronutrients that keep the trees healthy. The young leaves have a thin waxy cuticle that allows the nutrients to get in easily.

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