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Five Things a Bride Typically Over-looks When Planning a Wedding

Photo credit: Two Pair Photography

Wedding planning can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, even for the most detail-oriented and prepared brides.

Since our wedding venue first started 8 years ago, we have noticed a few common snafus and considerations that sometimes have caught our brides and grooms off guard. To help your own wedding day run smoothly, here are a few reminders and helpful tips to consider. Remember, we are here to help.

We like to think of these as our “Royalty Pecan Farms Top 5 “Oh, and Don’t Forgets!”

#1: When you book with a wedding venue, make sure to get a fully itemized list of what is included

It is critical that you not make assumptions about services.  Keep in mind that if it isn’t included in the agreement, then you cannot expect to receive that service or product.

Here are some good questions to ask:

  • What spaces will you have access to?
  • What is the earliest time you and your entourage can arrive on the property in advance of the guests?
  • What sort of clean-up will be covered by the venue?

#2: How weatherproof is your decor?

We immediately panic at the thought of an unexpected rain event, but we often overlook the WIND! Those beautiful pink rose petals can quickly decorate an adjacent property and a lightweight chair or covered archway can become a flying projectile!

So when you are considering options for raindrops, also think through anchoring decor that can act as a sail.  With a little advanced thought and planning, you can avoid a day like Dorothy and her little dog on the plains of Kansas!

#3: Consider who verifies that contracted vendors arrive on time and have the necessary equipment

Does the photographer know to meet you well in advance of the event?  Has the DJ communicated how long it takes him to set up his gear? Is additional lighting needed?

We always recommend bringing a couple of extra extension cords for those moments when you just need two more feet to reach the outlet!  Ask that uncle of yours who has the big toolbox in his truck to help you bring a few extra supplies “just in case.” It will make his day.

#4: What are you going to do about children?

IF you are assuming the kids will sit quietly and contemplate the majesty of your moment or consider the power of marital fidelity with their small hands resting peacefully in their laps -- think again!

A smart plan includes some place to play a little freeze-tag or red-rover. Enlist a cousin to help the kids move from the tables out toward some area/activity that entertains them while the magical night unfolds for the adults.  If this is managed well, it will give you a tantrum-free evening––always a good thing!

#5: Have fun!  Seriously.

Even if the caterer shows up 15 minutes late, or a cyclone of rogue children launch your dessert table into the night air -- at the end of the day, you are still married to the person who will define your next several decades of happy companionship.

texas pecan orchard wedding
Photo credit: Stefanie Russell Photography

You win! The years of laughter and comfort through good times and bad all starts with this weekend.  As the scene closes, you walk out with the love of your life!  Don’t let the stress and chaos ruin what really matters.

Royalty Pecan Farms can help you think through these items and many other considerations

It’s what we do! When happy couples smile and toast and fathers cry tears of joy, we feel honored to share those moments with you. Sure, we sell pecans, but we also provide a context for those moments that matter the most.

Please give us a call and we can discuss our venue to see if we are the fit you’ve been looking for.  Reach us at events@royaltypecans.com.

Thanks for reading. Before you go...

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