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Introducing: "Bread"-fast In Bed!

This idea of combining baked treats with fresh fruits and, of course, coffee is a delightful way to express gratitude and love. You will enjoy slicing the bread, neatly arranging them on quaint dishes with sprinkles of fresh fruit. Prep time is minimal. Kids love joining in on the holiday spirit and so this an idea they can participate in as well.


1. Make Coffee

Southern Pecan Coffee is a unique tradition in the South and it will compliment any breakfast choice. Royalty Pecan Farm's Southern Pecan Coffee is a medium roast sure to leave the gift receiver asking if they can have more...Serve the coffee in a small urn with empty cup and saucer to keep the coffee warm all morning.

2. Slice & Plate Breads

Home baked breads are wonderful, but most of us don't have the time. We recommend our Royalty Pecan Farm's Banana Pecan and Apple Strudel. If you have a dark chocolate lover in your home, replace the Banana Pecan with our Midnight Banana Pecan. Pecan breads are great warmed with butter or served at room temperature.

3. Add Fruits

Fill up a bowl with blueberries, strawberries, and/or dewberries. You can also garnish your plates of sliced breads with coordinating fruits. Slices of apple would be beautiful with our Apple Strudel. Slices of banana would liven up a plate of slice Banana Bread.

4. Write a Note

Have the gift giver write a note to mark the occasion with purpose and meaning for the receiver. This will complete the full experience of the "Bread"-fast in Bed.

This breakfast in bed will be remembered for years to come. The flavors of pecan and the fruit will dazzle the receiver's palate. Additional ideas could include: a cup of yogurt, eggs, or grits.

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