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A Wedding Venue With Versatility

Photo credit: Bird and the Bear

There’s an old saying in Texas, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes!” While the weather can change in a moment, it helps if your wedding venue can also spring into action.  We can transition to accommodate large parties at a moment’s notice. We pride ourselves on exactly this sort of versatility.  We never want you or your guests to feel abandoned to scramble to a different environment if a weather event suddenly enters the forecast on your big day.

Having a variety of spaces for a variety of purposes also means we can offer staging accommodations for bridal parties and a well-provisioned corral for those rowdy groomsmen!  It might surprise you, but many brides never consider where those bridal parties will prepare and lounge around waiting for the entrance music.  We can handle it!

sunset wedding photo
Photo credit: Stefanie Russell Photography

We also manage parking.  Again, parking is a detail that is often overlooked until it becomes a problem.  Wheelchair accessibility for older or disabled family, pull through drop off, ample space to accommodate large guest lists, and easy entry/exit are just a few of the things worth evaluating when scouting locations.  We have thought through all of these concerns and can offer you the solutions you will need -- to these and any other questions that might arise.

Lastly, photographers love working an event at Royalty Pecan Farm because of the natural beauty that surrounds the ceremony itself.  The value of nature in wedding venues cannot be overemphasized. Photographers talk about “the golden hour” --  those precious moments as the sun sets and sets the atmosphere afire creating something like magic for the images that will outlive us all!  The “golden hour” feels timeless because in many ways the moment, your moment, transcends those few seconds the camera clicks away.  Give Royalty a call and let us show you some of what we’ve done in the past and how we can help your wedding delight all who attend!    

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