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Brides often schedule photo shoots in our pecan orchard for engagements, bridal portraits, “first look” photos, etc. We’re happy to share our venue, and we love seeing the beautiful photos! It’s interesting to see how the talented photographers use different areas of the orchard to create unique backdrops. Check out some of those photos below and find out why you may want to book a session with your photographer days or even months before the big day.

1. It’s Your Very Own Dress Rehearsal

crystal littrell photography

Look at your pre-wedding shoot as your very own dress rehearsal for your big day. Most brides even have their hair and make-up professionally done for pre-wedding photos. It’s the perfect opportunity to see exactly how you will look on your wedding day. Make sure to bring it all with you. Bring the shoes, the dress, and any accessories to see how it all looks together, and leave all those qualms about not looking like a dime piece behind!

2. It’s the Best Dress Fitting You’ve Ever Had

Wedding Photo Shoot by Shauna Maness taken at Royalty Pecan Farms.
Photos by Shauna Maness

You will essentially be in your dress for pre-wedding pictures for a couple of hours trying to catch that perfect shot. Meanwhile, you will be sitting, standing, or laying down in about 100 million different poses. Use this as a time to see if your dress really does fit you. When you raise your arms do you give the whole room a show? Are the sequins scratching you? Is there too much slack in a certain area? Good thing you found out before you got to the church right? You can even schedule a fitting after your pre-wedding photo session in order to get these alterations fixed. Nobody wants to be the bride that’s dancing, and midway through Y-M-C-A her dress falls off in front of “all thee boyyss!”

3. It Can Reduce Stress

Photo by Danny Boyle Photography
Photo by Danny Boyle Photography Photo by Danny Boyle Photography
Photos by Danny Boyle

You can take a deep breath and relax on your wedding day, knowing that you already have gorgeous pictures of yourself.  So, walk down that aisle and kiss the dreamy hunk who’s waiting for you, because you don’t have anything to worry about!

4. Your Pictures Will Have Variety

Bridal photos by Ryan Price taken at Royalty Pecan Farms

Take your time and pick different backgrounds and scenery for your photo shoot. Today you get to be that girl on the cover of Vogue. You run the show. Choose an outdoor background, a beautiful studio scenery, or even stand at the top of the Empire State Building and pretend you are Deborah Kerr from An Affair to Remember. Remember that you can do whatever you want, because this is your day and nobody can judge.

5. It Makes a Lovely Keepsake

Photo by Sarah Ainsworth Photography Photo by Sarah Ainsworth Photography
Photos by Sarah Ainsworth

Not only will your photos make a lovely memento on your wall or over the mantle, but they can also be given to those special people that were a part of your wedding. For example, give a picture to your father on the day of your wedding with a special handwritten note on the back. This tiny gesture can speak a thousand words.

Wishing forever happiness from Royalty Pecan Farms to all of the brides-to-be this 2015 wedding season!

What do you think about pre-wedding photo shoots? Is it worth the extra time and money? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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