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Photo by Michelle Boyd

Last month we highlighted some perks that come with a pre-wedding photoshoot, but there are also good reasons to schedule a post-wedding shoot with your photographer.

1. Bad Weather = Less Than Stellar Photos

Many weddings have weather disruptions, especially if you live in The Lone Star State. I have been to many weddings where the forecast has gone through all four seasons in the same time it took the bride to walk down the aisle. In situations like these, your pictures may be developed without natural lighting, hair may be frizzy, and shots may be a little foggy. With a post-wedding photo shoot, the bride can bypass this entire potential catastrophe. There’s not enough hairspray in the Brazos Valley to hold your hair in place if a tropical storm decides to crash your wedding. So be safe, pack the hairspray, and book the photo shoot.

2. You Forgot to Take That Special Picture

Between the whole hey-I’m-marrying-the-love-of-my-life thing, the cha-cha-slide, and who-will-hold-my-dress-while-I-pee moments, you may have forgotten to take a certain picture or pose that you were looking forward to. Perhaps you wanted to show off your unique dress, but last minute alterations kept you from taking bridal portraits before the big day. The post wedding photo shoot will allow you to capture those missed photo opportunities!

3. No Time Constraints

On your wedding day, “Gam Gam” might want a photo of you and all the cousins, and the same picture might have to be taken ten times because you didn’t get Mom’s good side. Let the photo shoot serve as a calming experience for you and your husband as you make sure your “good sides” are featured and free of stressed expressions!

4. Choose Any Destination

A pre-wedding photo shoot is great, but it is usually taken a week or so before the wedding. This may not be enough time to choose or embark on a destination photo shoot. Are you planning on honeymooning to Barcelona? Don?t forget to book a post-wedding photo shoot under the light of a Spanish moon or maybe even in the sands of The Rio De Janiero! Time is on your side and any international background can be yours.

5. You Don’t Have to Protect the Dress

You already said the I Dos and all the guests have seen your gorgeous dress. By now your dress has gotten a little dirty. Unlike a pre-wedding shoot, you don’t have to move slowly or make sure your dress doesn’t drag the ground. Many married couples even decide to “trash the dress,” and this is where many beautiful photos are captured like underwater bridal photos! This is probably the best part of post wedding photo shoots and it allows you to get imaginative!

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